Hello! I am Hsin-Hao Tang!

I’m a front-end developer. I focus on client-side programming, specialize in SEO & social media, and also do back-end work.
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Hsin-Hao Tang


I graduated from Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Taiwan Normal University with a master degree and Department of Computer and Information Science of Soochow University with a bachelor degree. My research field was artificial intelligence. I was trained to logically solving, organizing and analyzing problems after professional courses such as advanced algorithms and bioinformatics classes. I played a role as a leader or coordinator in every team reports. I planned the reports, track the progress, and communicate with members. I attach great importance to time management, effectiveness, hitting the exact center of the target, and helping others to get work done on time. Also, I care about group benefit. When members have quarrels, I always use my wisdom to solve the problems and not to be controlled by my mood. Most important of all, I always respect the leadership and communicate with the people directly rather than by the third one.

I joined different extracurricular activities aggressively. I learned painting from my childhood. I joined guitar club and marching band when I was a high school student. I was a secretary of the Student Congress and a volunteer of the health center in my college life. In my graduate life, I learned graphic design in Soochow’s Extension School and industrial design in Revival Design Academy. In addition, I learned zen meditation to examine myself. These great experiences make me more thorough, more responsible, and observe things from different aspects. Today, when facing to marcom or marketing partners, I can join earlier to give advice; when facing to designers, I can implement beautiful UI rapidly; when facing to back-end developers, I can work in perfect harmony because I learned back-end techniques at school.

Early Career

After graduating from NTNU, I was offered a job as a front end developer in Trend Micro, and it was a rewarding experience. I was requested to deliver prototypes which are early samples to test a concept or to conduct a usability test.

During these five months, my coding ability improved a great deal. Also, I learned the skills of time-management and art of communication a lot. I worked in a multi-culture environment. When having culture shocks, smile is the best policy. I searched the answers with positive and optimistic attitude. In the meantime, I attended some English classes to improve my language skill. I realized that to be an outstanding engineer, except professional abilities, it is important to increase soft power.


I was a front-end developer at Spring Trees Technologies. I focused on client-side programming, specialized in SEO & social media, and also did back-end work.

As a front-end developer, I learned AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS and NodeJS and applied them in our product. Besides, I did back-end work in C#. I shared what I have learned via internal sharing and blog posts. Additionally, I led a small team to deliver projects. Managed team of front-end and back-end developers to meet clients' goals and project deadlines.

As a SEO engineer, I did on-site and off-site SEO & social media research and application for our own products. For on-site SEO, including conducting keyword research , competitive analysis, devising and implementing effective SEO strategies and guideline; conducting regular optimization of on-page structure and content on various product pages, including developing and optimizing semantics search, rich snippets and social meta tags, keywords and tags plan and management; analyzing site code, providing recommendations based on SEO best practices and enhancing by myself; developing SEO standards for usability design and coding. For off-site optimization, I procuring quality inbound links from blogs, forums and other relevant, content-specific sites; developing and managing link-building campaigns; incorporating social media optimization to augment the traditional SEO activities; conducting sharings about SEO and social media for company internal training on irregular basis. Also, I did ASO(App Store Optimization). Organic Search channel increased more than sevenfold in one year.

I am a front-end developer at Uni-net International, and I am responsible for responsive website development, website planning and technical training. I re-design the UI of the website “Evental” and implement the front-end part. I solve the hard-finding problem and increase advertising revenue by adding advertising position. In addition, I add some features in aspect of SEO/IA, e.g., tag system for more internal links and recommending activities to users for more users' stickiness; re-design the image size for sharing at social platforms. I refactor the code of the front-end part of this project, use structured data for better result in SERPs. I also design and implement the responsive website for better user experience when users browse by handheld devices.

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Career Plan

I hope I can be a front end developer who is able to keep moving and constantly achieving new breakthroughs and development. As for long term, I want to be a full stack developer and a data scientist. Thank my families, seniors and friends, so I can continue to break through and become a better person, more broader contributions.